Some things in this world are free, as in free beer, or a free game . Cybernations is a free game, with an amazing world of nations, alliances, rulers, wars, conflicts and a lot of diplomacy.

The Google map on the left shows the 213 miles of land of Sanalika , the name of my humble little nation, now almost 90 days old.

Wow Paul, do you have time to play this game ? That's the handy thing about this, you can play it for five minutes a day, or less...or you can spend hours working for your alliance. You can decide to go to war or not, to be a rogue nation or a peaceful nation. On busy days, i don't play at all, the taxes and bills just add up...otherwise, it takes about ten minutes of my day, to check out everything. The hardest part is trades...but i'll leave it up to you to decide on playing or not ;-)

ruler cobbaut of Sanalika :)

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