Limbo dissapeared

Surprise today, Limbo is gone! A while ago, a foreign friend explained her surprise when transferring money between two Belgian banks took so long. "The money is removed from one account, spends a day in limbo, and then is put on the other account." Us Belgians were used to this, until now...

Today i asked my client about an unpaid invoice. They said they would pay today. And indeed, a couple of hours later, i could see the money on my account!

Will this be the normal way of banktransfers as of now ? I certainly hope so.


Annelies said...

It depends, this is the new law. But the money may not actually be there yet, although you can see it.

Normally, everything is processed once a day and then all should be well. You can just see it quicker now that it will be there :)

(note: KBC has had this feature for some time, I don't know about other banks yet and if this is available on all cash machines and homebanking.)

Paul Cobbaut said...

Hey Annelies, i am indeed with KBC. I have not tested withdrawal of money just received.
Until now, i like the new Belgian laws (no smoking in restaurants, yeay!).

pol :)