nerdy meetings ;-)

To quote Wouter, my "name to face arp table" has been updated quite a bit this week.

Tuesday i joined five open source mysql enthusiasts for my first mysql meetup. I mostly listened (and learned ;-) ). Tuesday was good, Leuven is a great location too.

Friday 13 geeks gathered in Vilvoorde for the 5th geekdinner (my first though). It was nice to get to know some people and find out some more about what they are working on. The embedded development and clearcase ranting (PP&P2&JVH) was a bit over my head, but fun to hear anyway.

Serge, Bart, Guy, Peter, Jan, Elise, Tom and Bernard were added to the arp cache. Philip, beardless Wouter, P2, Amedee had their cache timeout reset ;-)

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