locked up!

Already heard it from other 'consultants' working late for a client...it finally happened to me this evening. I was working a little late...till 17h30...because i know that the last 'employee with a key' leaves around 18h. But when i arrived at the exit door...it was locked!
Not too exciting...I was liberated just before 18h.


Timothy Parez said...

Working late for me is like 00:00,
and it happens a lot :p

Paul Cobbaut said...

yes right, i meant a little late...shop closes at 18h, but many people leave between 16h and 16h30.


Anonymous said...

"Late" rofl :)

At what time do they start then ?

Paul Cobbaut said...

Some people have 9h to 17h (or 8h to 16h) jobs. Before 8h nobody is here, sometimes the first employee arrives at 8h30...and sometimes around 17h they are all gone.

No these are not independent consultants, they are employees. It's a training center, there is nothing to do before 8 or after five...