Impressions on Oracle

There are enough blogposts mourning OpenSolaris (or hoping for Illumos). What follows are some real world experiences in dealing with Oracle since it took over the Sun Solaris trainings in Belgium.

1. Remote labs are free!
Solaris teachers and students can now connect to remote labs with nice hardware for free. This is a great addition to the simple Intel machines in the classroom.

2. Support is excellent!
In the weeks prior to the first Oracle Solaris training several people from Oracle called and/or emailed me to make sure everything was okay. These are real people that don't mind sharing their real email address and their real phone number. Cool! And they were very friendly and helpful!

3. Support is excellent!
When sending an email on Sunday to report a problem, there is an almost immediate response from one of these real people. On a Sunday?! Super cool!


Anonymous said...

I have been to several Sun courses and remote labs were always available and free...

Paul Cobbaut said...

Probably the training center was paying for the remote labs, and it was not cheap.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the quality of their support has something to do with terminating support for an operating system?

Paul Cobbaut said...

I never claimed consistency or coherence in my blog ;-)
I just like to blurt compliments here when I am happy with something.

I do have the impression that many people who were criticizing Sun in the past, are now all of a sudden praising Sun and condemning Oracle.
I am still very happy with this weeks (many) contacts with Oracle people.

Anonymous said...

What I see as a big improvement is the ending of the "freeze" at Sun. While Sun was put to sale and even when was bought by Oracle but not yet approve by the EU, everyone at Sun seemed frozen, waiting the outcome by being quiet.

I sent quite a few request for information for product and services and no one showed up. In normal times, the Sun representative would stalk you to get the contract...