gmail new look

Dear Google,

these buttons are easy to use:

these are just plain stupid:

Is there an option to get text on these with the new gmail look ?


Unknown said...

Yes there is.

Go to GMail > Settings > General

Set "Button labels:" => Text

Paul Cobbaut said...

so simple ;-)

Jake in Jerusalem said...

I'm a former computer geek with decades of IT experience. One reason I've left is that the business is now full of silliness, with young fools insisting on re-inventing the wheel their way. People are putting computers into things that don't need them, automating processes according to what they THINK the users will want. Then the users have to find ways to DISABLE the defualts that someone else, in their monumental lack of wisdom, forced on them.

Gmail had an excellent GUI. They then foisted a disaster on everyone. In response to the complaints, they now offer workarounds to make it LOOK like the old way, which was better in the first place. You find the same thing in cameras, cars, appliances, etc. And then they tell us that this is progress, except that most everyone thinks the old way was better...

Paul Cobbaut said...

Looks like today they start forcing another new look, I'm back to Thunderbird... on a private ISP.