tmux is now the first command that I type after logging on to a system. I've become a huge fan of it!

Some shortcuts:
tmux at (to reconnect)
Ctrl-b % split screen right
Ctrl-b " split screen bottom
Ctrl-b o go to next panel
Ctrl-b q select a panel
Ctrl-b d detach


Philip Paeps said...

Hah ... funny how I'm not the only one who recently gave up screen and turned to tmux. The quality of my life has improved a lot! :)

Kris said...

So err.. if it's the first command in when you log on to a box ..

Then why don't you put it in your .bashrc ? :)

Paul Cobbaut said...

@Kris:How would you do that ?

It should run 'tmux' when there is no existing session, and 'tmux at' if there is one. So I tried with

tmux at || tmux

but that gives an error...