Coffee or Tea ? Yes!

When people ask me:
"Do you want coffee or tea?" (*)
Then I answer:

... and most assume that I want to be funny, but I don't. I just don't care which of the two (coffee or tea) you give me, I am happy with both.

Turns out I am a hacker.

(*) Do you want spaghetti or rice ? Yes!
(*) Leffe or Chimay ? Yes!
(*) Can I see you tonight or tomorrow ? Yes!

It gets worse when questions contain all possible actions:
(*) Should I stay or should I go?
(*) Can I keep the book or do you want it back ?
(*) With or without sugar ?
 You just gave me all possible options ?! What kind of trickery questions are these ?!


1 comment:

Toni said...

There's only one mistake though: Leffe or Chimay is in the wrong category! ;-)