A very positive note...

I received this email today, i want to share it, because it shows that there really is (are) still some good (people) in this world!

"Tonight I decided to go to the pub ... really drunk, when I finally left.
I took my bike. On the road: I crashed. Lots of people stopped
and helped me !!! They called a Taxi for me, and waited !!!
Then a taxi took me home. It was a very nice South American.
He exchanged phone numbers with me. When I wanted to go into me house,
I realised the purse with my keys was gone.
Luckily, I could call the Taxi-guy and tell him. He came right back. And my
purse was in his car. How lucky can you get !!!!! "

It makes me think about our society. Ain't it sad that we need locks to protect our house/bike/lockers/... Why can't we just go to the swimming pool, leaving our stuff on a bench, knowing it will still be there when we come back. Why can't we park our bicycle or car without locking it, knowing nobody would steal it ? Why do we even need a word for 'stealing' ? Most of you will say this is not realistic, but i'm convinced it is how it should be!

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