poor silly hedgehog

A couple of nights ago, Wolf was barking strangely in the garden. I went out, and noticed a rare growling and jumping...not her regular-it-is-dark-so-i-bark bark.

So i put her inside, and went back, only to discover a big rolled up hedgehog. I kept her inside till morning (as always). The hedgehog was gone.

Until a couple of minutes ago...the "i have a trespassing hedgehog in my mouth so i growl" growl was there. (I didn't see her actually biting it a couple of days ago, but now she was holding it in her mouth). I immediately tried to get her away from it, hoping she didn't hurt the animal. When she-Wolf "why can't i play with trespassers?!" was inside the house, i went back to investigate. The hedgehog is wounded, hopefully not too bad.

If it is still alive (and in my garden) tomorrow, then i will take it to a vet. Picture taken minutes ago...

Poor hedgehog, because it is hurt. Silly hedgehog, because it came back to the big-bad-Wolf.

Click the picture for a bigger view.

update 28/8/2007 : Hedgehog was not there this morning.

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