Driving a car (Ka or Kia)

Driving a car in Belgian traffic equals taking a risk. Thousands of people die in traffic, tens of thousands get hurt badly.

When i was driving my little purple Ford Ka the past two years, i was getting really afraid. Other cars were always trying to pass me, anywhere, sometimes doing dangerous maneuvers. A couple of times, a big Mercedes or BMW takes a highway exit only centimeters before my bumper...i guess the little purple car acts like a magnet on big cars...they *have* to take any exit *before* the little purple car (even though it would be a lot easier to just stay behind).
Another example are roundabouts, very often big cars would enter the roundabout right before the little purple car, so i had to break to avoid an accident.

So i changed cars, sold the Ford Ka, and bought a big black Kia Sportage, to feel safer in traffic. But guess what ? Nobody tries to exit a highway centimeters before the Kia. Nobody enters a roundabout so i have to break.

After two months with the Kia Sportage, it is clear to me. This car gets a lot of room on the road. I feel a lot safer in this big car, but i also notice a lot more respect from other cars.


Davida said...

Interesting to know.

Paul Cobbaut said...

I have this car for 18 months now and still observe the same thing. I drive more relaxed now!