The final frontier

Space, the final frontier...another controversial subject ;-)

Why does our country have borders ? It used to be to defend against evil invaders, enemies and thieves, looters and vikings. But ask the question today...Why do countries like Belgium, France or Germany have borders ? There are no enemies to keep out, no armies serving napoleonistic kings, and the vikings are no longer a threat.

What would happen when there are no borders ? A lot of immigrants would come, because there is a lot of wealth here. Our wealth would be distributed among more people, this means less money for us...and there is the magic word...we would lose money without borders. Borders protect our wealth, and we don't want to share our wealth with strangers from other countries.

Think about it, the only reason for the existence of European borders (and this includes paper/passport/permit borders), is because we don't want to share the wealth in which we are by sheer luck born.

So start feeling guilty, start sharing some of your wealth.
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