House for sale

My house is for sale.
It is located near Tienen, about 20 minutes from Leuven/Bertem on the E40. It has 110m2 downstairs: living room 8x4, buro 4x4, hall 4x2, stairs, toilet, veranda with kitchencorner 8x7; and 60m2 upstairs (three large bedrooms with straight walls, bathroom with bathtub), and an attic of 60m2 (nothing there yet, but possibility to create three more rooms) and a cellar of 60m2 (five caves). Ah, and a huge garage measuring 20x10m!
According to the immo's Era, Aldimo and Century 21 the house is worth around 255.000 euro. I will sell it for 235.000 if you contact me (0478/222.686) before i sign a contract with any of these agencies.


Serge van Ginderachter said...

Paul, think twice before signing up to an *exclusive* contract with an agency.

Paul Cobbaut said...

Serge, what would you do ? Can i force to make it non-exclusive ?

futtta said...

i sold my previous house myself, it really ain't that hard. there was one agency which tried to sell it as well (but they did not have exclusivity). some of them will not want to work non-exclusive and others will, just negotiate :)

on a sidenote: securecomputing (web content filter on our corporate proxy) denied access to cobbaut.be with the following error:

"Access to this page is denied because it is referenced in a central directory of offending pages and sites and has been categorised as "Personal Pages;Profanity;Gruesome Content".

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- "smartfilterWhereTool"
- and key in here the URL you are trying to access. You will see why your URL is blocked and can suggest to change his category."

Paul Cobbaut said...

i negotiated, got some passages in the contract changed!

Thanks for the smartfilter tip...the website is in the gruesome/profanity content category because i had some real pictures of Bill Clinton (but that was years ago). The pics are no longer there, but most filters are still blocking the website.