personal terabyte storage

Dear Lazyweb,

i am looking for a personal storage solution with the following specifications:
- running Linux (Debian)
- two terabyte or more
- nfs, lvm, ssh, samba, aptitude
- 100Mbit or more

I'll order two of these (rsync), send offers to paul.cobbaut -at- gmail.com


Ghosty said...

you are missing a price-range or size!

Paul Cobbaut said...

price: low
size: small

i thought that was obvious ;-)

No really, price and size are less important.


S├ębastien said...

I personally went with the Linksys NSLU2 on which I installed Debian. Drawback : not very powerful (ARM 266 Mhz / 32 MB)

Paul Cobbaut said...

The bandwidth is less important than the size. Some people already told me that a gigabit network card is pointless with 266 or 400Mhz arm cpu's.
And i would prefer SATA RAID to usb connected disks.
...the search continues ;-)

Wouter Verhelst said...

Buy a Thecus N2100. They contain a 600Mhz ARM processor, can hold up to two SATA hard disks, have two gigabit ethernet interfaces, a mini-PCI slot, three USB ports, and adding a serial port requires nothing more than to solder a connector (the early N2100's had a serial port, but they removed the physical port in later versions, probably to get the price down. The boards and chips are still the same, they just don't have a DB9 connector anymore).

The device is low-power, and rather small (about 50% larger than the two hard disks combined)

Only downside of the thecus is the low-quality cooling. I recommend to put the device upright, so that the hot air in between the hard disks can go upwards; otherwise you will have overheating problems.

It's not possible to install Ubuntu on this (no ARM port), but you can install Debian easily. Price: €300-€400ish, sans hard disks.