Place Saint Catherine (Sint-Katelijneplein), Brussels, yesterday around 17h. Three doors, three colours, many expectations...and two hours left to set up the computers, the screens and the cabling.

18h45 The project starts in 15 minutes, but there is *no internet connection*. Those stupid clearwire boxes don't work (you can sometimes ping google.com, nothing else works), their helpdesk was closed.

19h10 Someone suggested a 100 meter cat5 cable going form the router of the museum, all the way outside. Thanks to some great teamwork, lot's of cables and connectors...it finally all works.

20h It is getting dark, too dark for the webcams in the doors, the outside lights don't work, so some bright spots are added. The doors stay in business until after midnight.

The pink door was the most popular (you can see me painting it here), below you see some girl videochatting to nine people on the internet.

The doors is a project by Jesus and Mira (who are both very tired in this video after a long day of setting up and supporting the doors). And damn do i hate my voice, please tell me i only sound like that when i'm really really tired (or drunk).


oogsnoep said...

Gedaan met de IT en nu in de kunst? ;)

Paul Cobbaut said...

bof, 'k heb toch 80 meter utp gelegd, dus 't was een beetje IT he ;-)

'k heb de laatste twee weken wel meer in Brussel doorgebracht dan in Antwerpen.

Mira said...

yup. Bedankt voor je hulp Paul. dat was echt geweldig.