one free HP 9000 PA-Risc workstation

For free in Antwerp, a complete HP PA-RISC system.

workstation HP Visualize C160
terminal HP 700/RX
20 inch monitor HP A4331D
19 inch monitor HP A1097C
both original HP keyboards and mouses
SCSI disk station with disks and cdrom

This is the first 64-bit workstation sold by HP (PA-8000 cpu), 1996!

(click pics for larger view)

If not too far from Antwerp, I will even deliver it (email paul.cobbaut@gmail.com).

All or nothing deal!!


Anonymous said...


What about opening up a Computer Museum in that hot location of yours down town Antwerp ... I've got about 40 machines that would be suitable :)

No really .. still looking for someone with money/location to pull this of :)

Paul Cobbaut said...

I would be happy to help with a computer museum, but *not* inside my flat ;-)

Is there room next to your collection of 40 for this hp ?