I know, suicide is a very controversial subject. In Belgium suicide is the first cause of death for people between 24 and 35 years young. Every year more than a hundred Belgians jump in front of a train to end their life.

Why do they do it ? Because they want to end their suffering ? Because their life is more suffering than joy ? But why jump in front of a train, traumatizing the driver and blocking public transportation ? Is there no easier solution ?

I guess killing oneself is not so easy. People in general don't like pain. So they search for a painless death. This makes me wonder whether Drion's Pill is a viable solution.

Drion's Pill would allow people to end their life in a painless way. It would prevent people from jumping of buildings, jumping in front of trains or hanging themselves for some traumatized person to find them.

So why does this pill not exist ? Why is it not available ? Because people that want to die need to be cured ? This is indeed the general conception among the living...people that want to commit suicide are sick and need help. Well i have to disagree there...if they want to die, let them, and give them a normal and clean solution to end their life.

...i told you it was a controversial subject.


Philip Paeps said...

I agree.

I am a general believer that people should be allowed to do whatever-the-hell they want to do. Provided they don't affect the rest of society with whatever it is they do. In other words: people should not jump in front of trains. Please.

Read my blog from a couple of days ago (Tuesday) for more on this.

Paul Cobbaut said...

surely you mean the Wednesday blog ;-)