I got up at 06h30, drove to my mother's place, filled the car mainly with "junk" that i found while moving from Tienen to Antwerp and drove to a flee market, hoping to sell some stuff. We were unpacking just before eight in the morning...

The market ended at 16h00, and to my surprise, i had sold most of my stuff (1.old waterboiler, 2.little iron table, 3. nine old tennisballs, 4. Annelies' electric X-mas tree, 5. straws, 6. alarm clock with flashlight, 7. Thai elephants, 8. strange lot of glasses, 9. two books, 10. old coffeemachine, 11. two dirty lampekapkes, 12. old single electric wires, 13. pot ground sample, 14. 70-ies remote lamborghini...and some tiny junk stuff, chargers, keyhangers, used plain and simple candles, ...).

I now have about 60 euro's and a sunburn. I ate hamburgers and fries, and drank Coca Cola...and decided it is just not worth the time (before this day, two flee-markets failed because of rain and/or not enough crowd). From this day on, i will throw away anything that i don't need or want anymore...

...and i will spend some time on my new url: http://linux-training.be ;-)


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AnamCara said...

Thaï elephants?! Ik hoop maar dat het lelijke waren. Je kon het niet weten hé, maar toch vermoord ik je! :)