"I was there", dinosaurs and freedom: part 2 of 3

part 2 of 3: dinosaurs

People that are not up to date with the latest technologies (or gadgets) are sometimes called dinosaurs.


In other words...some people twitter, some people don't ;-)

By the way, to all my twitter followers, I promise to never twitter. Following my twitter will not bring you up to date on where I am, or what I do. I sincerely promise to not ever twitter anything useful or anything pointless. Not that i have anything against twitter...i just don't want to make the effort to type my tweets several times a day. Do i have to ? (answer in part 3 of 3 ;-)

Second Life, iphone, ipod, ...

I missed Second Life completely! I don't have an iphone, only a plain old Nokia. I don't have an ipod and only recently created my first youtube channel. Some people consider me a dinosaur!

Not a dinosaur ?

I guess i don't get off this easy...i blog, i have a website, i know things about the internet, i am on a couple of social networks. So to some people i am the opposite of a dinosaur.

Is the gap between dinosaurs and the blogging/twittering/iphoning/secondliving online community widening ?

(part 3 of 3 tomorrow)

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boskabout said...

Je komt gewoon in contact met avant-gardistische subculturen, nothing to worry about ;-).

Al mag je wel toegeven dat je gewoon andermans tweets wilt lezen. :-p