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Made a little time today to work on my Linux course. Almost all corrections from reviewers are integrated (as a stack). Some of those corrections require me to learn a bit more ;-)

I've been teaching the Linux Fundamentals four times since September and (partly) integrated my experience in the course to make the pace flow nicer between theory, demo's and practices.

The thing is, I spent most of today (again) on the "first steps" chapter (pwd, cd, ...). I must not touch it again, unless for typo's! Other chapters require more urgent attention:
- I need to rewrite the two bash chapters, the first one is too long (imho it should be split in two separate chapters), the last one is way too brief.
- I also think the File System Hierarchy chapter is too long (too much theory compared to the humble practice)
- Processes is kinda complete, but the order and layout can improve (same for vi)
- Scripting is incomplete and also needs some order.
- The first chapter (introduction) is a mess. Luckily i teach it better than it is written.

The System Administration course is in even worse shape. I'm really not happy about it. Okay, maybe the hard disk and LVM chapters are good enough, but kernel compile is really lousy. (I have completely rewritten the kernel compile chapter, but only in my mind, not yet on paper.)

Anyway, thank you all for encouraging me and telling me it is a good book. No, this is not a plea for more pats on the back, just look at this post as my todo-list.

I hope to have updated the bash chapters and the kernel compile chapter RSN.

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