"I was there", dinosaurs and freedom: part 1 of 3

Part 1 of 3: I was there!

Country Feedback Club

Thursday October 30th i went to the CD-release concert of the Country Feedback Club in Lille (Belgium!). The CD is good, the performance was good. Although i personally liked their acoustic setup two weeks ago in Antwerp more. And even though these guys have a lot of experience, i prefer to hear Danny's voice from Woodfever (provided they get their sound setup done). Anyway, "i was there"!

Moulin Rouge Party

Saturday November 1st i arrived on time for Moulin Rouge, the Birthday Party. If you have seen the movie with Nicole Kidman, then you can imagine the dress code.

(picture will follow RSN)

Ten years Cuba Bella

Afterwards i went to the ten year Cuba Bella Salsa party. I was really surprised by the (Belgian) Cuban group "Ache Havana" : An amazing life performance of ten musicians, packed together on an eight square meter podium. Damn these guys are good! Hm...was i there ?

I was there, or was i there ?

I also went to the market on Sunday, got a hamburger, went back to the "Zoltjes" for some cake and stayed home for most of the afternoon. Really! Believe me! I blog it!

(part 2 tomorrow...)

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