Fosdem 2009

My fosdem schedule:

10h00-11h30 Janson:Welcome+Free, Open Future (if $early_wake_up=true)
11h30-12h30 Janson:Debian
14h00-15h30 LPI session 1 (volunteer)
16h15-16h45 Ferrer:Lightning Opsview network monitoring
17h00-17h30 AW1.121:Debian on inexpensive NAS
18h15-18h45 Ferrer:Lightning intro to BUG
19h-ish attack of the 60 nerds to a local restaurant

10h30-12h00 LPI session 3 (volunteer)
12h00-13h00 Janson:Upstart
13h00-14h00 H.2213:Securing CentOS with SELinux
14h00-15h00 AW1.121:Debian road to Lenny
15h00-16h00 Janson:Ext4

22h-ish Next years fosdem grid not online yet what ?!

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Anonymous said...

60 geeks head tow WHAT restaurant ? :)