Fosdem 2008: Saturday

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Fosdem 2008 is a hit! imho there are more visitors than last year. I was there today, looking forward to meet Louis-Philippe, Sajid, Machtelt 'who is desperately trying to involve me in her daily life' Garrels and Geert (who desperately needs to start a blog), but i only found Geert.
Luckily there were many other ubergeeks to meet like Ghosty, Kris, Wouter, Philip, P2 (when will you start blogging?), Bart, Jan, Jo, and some new faces (not yet in the name-to-face arp table cache)
In the evening there was an ubergeek dinner in Brussels (pic below) with 12, no 20, no 22, no 30 something of the worlds greatest minds. To our big surprise there were three people from Wechelderzande at our table of eight, and four (or five?) from Sint-Jan-Berchmanscollege in Westmalle. So it either is a small world, or Wechel and SJB are a breeding area of smart people ;-)

talk: Battle for Wesnoth
The first room i joined was lead developer David White's talk about development of Battle for Wesnoth. It was an interesting talk, more or less what i expected. I am already active (or passive...) on the wesnoth forum, but it was still fascinating to hear David talk about the start and the growth of the Wesnoth community.

talk: SELinux don't just switch it off
Next up was a very useful talk about SELinux! I was pleasantly surprised by the experience Jens Kühnel has in talking to groups, and in explaining in 45 minutes some of the core advantages of SELinux. He gave me enough material to build a one day 'Intro to SELinux' training. This talk was definitely a good choice!

talk: Mozilla Sunbird and Thunderbird
The presentations themselves (in this sauna) were ok, but not great. And i don't like the integration of calendar applications inside an email client... But i definitely liked the Q&A session afterwards, where you could sense the 'community' at work! (Did i mention it was hot?)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the high praise.
It's always nice to read something like that.

Jens Kühnel

P.S.: I'm also a trainer :-)