Nuclear weapons and Iran

In the news again today, the "leaders of the world" want to talk to president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran about its nuclear program. What's to talk about ? Iran just wants to be able to defend itself in case someone is attacking them. Don't misunderstand me, i'm against nuclear weapons, but Iran has as much right to have them as Great Britain, France or the USA.
But what about our safety ? Yes it is true, when the whole islamic region has atomic weapons, the world will be less safe for us Europeans. But how do the people in the Middle East feel ? You think they feel safe, knowing that the USA can attack whenever they feel like it ? If i was living in Iran, i would prefer this country to have nuclear weapons, just to make sure the terrorrists from the Whitehouse stay at a proper safe distance.
The most aggressive country has nuclear weapons, and it is the only country to have used them to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians. So i say, stop all these efforts and let Iran have their defense, because they might need it in the near future.

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