Yesterday i went to the Brusselsgirlgeekdinner3 in Gent (flickr pics). It is a bit different from the geekdinners i am used to. Besides 42 girls instead of just one, the food and drinks are for free.

We had a very nice presentation about robots (a live Tux droid in action, and picture of the Spyke Meccano, ...). Tux droid was driven by a python-gnome interface and requires Linux.

There was also a wedding, a free vibrator for every girl and smoothies for everyone!

sponsored the event with a free two-person trip to London and back. To win the trip, you had to answer a very difficult question by sms : "Which company makes the Spyke robot?" Yes, i won the trip and gave it to Anne and her boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

And still they dare to reference guys as talking handbags ...

Anne said...

het is trouwens flybmie.com en niet bmi.be

ge zijt in ieder geval ne schat dat ge mij de reis kado gaf