Atari st and Atari ste

Jan, a friend of mine since 1980 (damn we're getting old), has an Atari ST and an Atari STE computer. He wants to sell them, or maybe if you give him enough beer he wants to give them away. You can reach him at 03/3125127 (or just email me).

Any idea whether these 20 year old computers are worth something ?


Litrik De Roy said...

Sorry, I was more an Amiga-guy but...
If those Suzo Arcade joysticks are still worth anything, I sure would like to know because I still have a couple of those ;)

Adriano Costa said...

I'm interested in the Atari STE!
If isn't selled yet I will buy it!
e-mail me at
iano76 ._(at)_. gmail ._(dot)_. com

remove the ._( )_.
Thank you!