Tia Maria

Tia Maria is a coffee liquor that resembles Kahlua, but tastes a lot better. For people who think Baileys is too creamy, or who believe Amaretto is too close to Cognac, and who think Kahlua has too much flavoury character, i would advice to try out Tia Maria.

There is just one little problem, both Colruyt and Delhaize don't sell it. They don't even know what it is.

So in good old blogging style:
Dear lazyweb, where i can buy Tia Maria in Belgium ?

Edit Dec 19th: Found it! Drankenhandel Coenen zijdelingsestraat in Tienen.


Kris said...

Eheh .. funny .. Macbar once had the same problem finding it.

My local drankcenter carries it.
Well.. at least it did ..

Should I look out for it and buy you a bottle ?

Paul Cobbaut said...

Just tell me where you find it.

Anonymous said...

vini france, mgr ladeuzeplein 22, leuven
ze hebben er ook andere koffielikeuren zoals kahl├╣a, ik kan het weten als liefhebber van de black russian & white russian cocktails :)