docbook question

Dear open source readers,

i have a persisting problem with docbook xml. Can anyone explain how i can convert this example.xml file in an example.pdf with an index ? I believe the syntax
is correct... I use docbook2pdf (in debian package docbook-utils), and this works fine for toc and other stuff, but the index stays empty. The command i use is "docbook2pdf -l /usr/share/xml/declaration/xml.dcl example.xml".


Raf said...

Looks like an issue with docbook2pdf, which is fairly old and based on DSSSL. Using the newer XSL stylesheets, the index is correctly generated. It worked perfectly for me with Apache FOP, like this:

$ fop -xml example.xml example.pdf -xsl /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/fo/docbook.xsl

The DocBook XSL: Complete Guide contains more information about DocBook XSL than you ever wanted to know ;-)

Paul Cobbaut said...

fop is giving me a lot of errors, but i'm attacking them one by one ;-)


Paul Cobbaut said...

Het werkt! Raf ge zijt ne schat!

Er was wel nog een aptitude install van libgcj8-1-awt sun-java6-jdk libxt-java-gcj libxsltc-java-gcj libsaxon-java libbcmail-java-gcj libbcpg-java-gcj libbcprov-java-gcj libbctsp-java-gcj libgnucrypto-java
en libxmlgraphics-commons-java nodig...

Raf said...

Ja, dat heb je met die Java-dingen... :-) Enfin, goed te horen dat het werkt!