Interview with a Time traveler

This morning i had the privilege to briefly interview a time traveler.
me: "Sir, thank you for this opportunity. Can you explain how you travel in time ?"
Time Traveler: "Well in about 60 years from now, the world ends. The universe seizes to exist, everything ends. Except me, i get sent back to 1975."
me: "So you don't really have a choice ? You live your lifetime over and over again ?"
Time Traveler: "Yes I have no choice, and i seem the only one on this planet to remember anything."
me: "How does the world end ?"
Time Traveler: "Highly advanced technology. We as humans become so advanced that we create artificial life that is even more advanced. And then the artificial life creates even more advanced artificial life. This continues for about two years, and then the universe just implodes and everything is destroyed."
me: "Sounds bad, how many times have you seen the world end ?"
Time Traveler: "Seven times, but i hope to prevent it this time."
me: "You want to stop the world from ending ? That would be nice. How do you do that ?"
Time Traveler: "Easy. This time in 1975 i started a company with only one goal: stop innovation! I want to halt as much as possible all technological development. Today my company has a strong influence on almost every household and every business. The world can be saved! My company is succeeding in its mission and effectively slowing down technology and innovation!"
me: "Okay, keep up the good work, and thank you for this interview mister Bill Gates."

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