twenty thousand plus 2500

It is all over the news today, PSA (Peugeot + Citroen) made a deal with Novell to install 20.000 SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop) desktops and 2500 SLES (Suse Linux Enterprise Server) servers.

Meanwhile, i found this picture from defective by design rather funny.


spam van data4

Jawatte, kheb deze morgen eens in de Trash gekeken...vol met spam van data4. Toch leuk dat mijn filterkes goed werken, mijn Inbox blijft redelijk proper...dat wil zeggen, het beperkt zich tot een twintigtal spam mails per dag. In de Trash kom ik aan tienduizend per maand ongeveer...

Waarom spam data4.com spam mij plots wil spammen is een raadsel, ik ben zeker dat ik nooit bevestigd heb dat ik mail wil ontvangen... 't zullen weer van die pummels zijn die opt-out verkiezen boven opt-in.



De Liger is blijkbaar niet zo bekend. Het is een kruising tussen een mannelijke leeuw en een vrouwelijke tijger. In het nederlands een 'lijger' denk ik. Enkele afbeeldingen zijn beschikbaar via google.


5 things most people don't know about me

After seeing Philip and Wouter joining, i can't resist ;-)

Five things most people don't know about me:
- my favorite animal is a liger
- between 1975 and 1992 i went to ten different schools
- i think about human colonies in space almost every day
- i really dislike drivers driving faster than the speed limit, they should be shot
- i actually take backups (on dvd) and sometimes put them in my banksafe


China shoots down (their own) satellite

China showed us some impressive technology again. They shot down a satellite with a missile launched from the ground. The USA and USSR already had this technology in the eighties.

The Herald wrote a pretty good article about it:

It's about time somebody stood up to the USA claiming space as their own, threatening to shoot down others.


Tips for Protecting the Home Computer

Wow, the New York Times is at it again. Only yesterday they explained about botnets, in other words they confirmed that Microsoft Windows is the origin of all the spam we are getting. And now this:
"Using a non-Windows-based PC may be one defense against these programs, known as malware..." read it all here.

Finally the mainstream press is paying some attention to valid alternatives to a convicted monopolist.


Zombie computers in botnets

Finally this gets the mainstream news. From the article:

"In their persistent quest to breach the Internet’s defenses, the bad guys are honing their weapons and increasing their firepower. With growing sophistication, they are taking advantage of programs that secretly install themselves on thousands or even millions of personal computers, band these computers together into an unwitting army of zombies, and use the collective power of the dragooned network to commit Internet crimes. These systems, called botnets, are being blamed for the huge spike in spam that bedeviled the Internet in recent months, as well as fraud and data theft."

Read the whole story in The New York Times (free spamless registration may be required).