orca magnifier ?!

Yesterday I tried setting up orca magnifier on a freshly installed (fully updated) Ubuntu 10.10. The moment you check the magnifier checkbox the screen becomes garbled (all window borders disappear, about one quarter of the screen is magnified, the rest is garbled). The 'apply' and 'cancel' buttons are invisible (yet they work if you can guess their position).

Switching from the default to nvidia drivers makes no difference.

First we tried on an Acer Aspire 17-inch laptop, next we tried a 15-inch Apple Macbook Pro. The results are identical!! (yes i tried removing the orca config, creating a new user, reboot, ...)

Is there an alternative for orca magnifier ? (Because the Ubuntu/Orca forums don't help much.)

Will it work in Debian or Fedora ? (I would have to burn the cd and drive 100km to test this...)

Do you know people that actually use orca magnifier on Ubuntu ?