It was a dark and stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night. A cunningly rigorous gang of nerdy friends had deviously gathered in the Kulminator. Malevolent glasses were filled with beer, brains osmosing in alcohol. Dragons and lasers turned out to be a worthy definition. How else would you classify sci-fi from fantasy ? Enlightened stories surfaced, tackling torture and Marion Zimmer Bradley , praising Piers Anthony and frowning on Zardoz. Sanity returned briefly before babbling on Airplane! silently recovering with Neal Stevenson, James Joyce and Franquin. Experts agreed on two liters of water to let the storm pass. So long and thanks for all the cheese.


Twalvin and Hobbes in 1986

Bill Watterson was having fun with Twitter 24 years ago ;-)

(Calvin and Hobbes, 25th October 1986)


Linux processes

Finally got around to reworking the processes chapter (viewable in html now). Still need to add a section about screen and rework the labs for this chapter...



This weekend saw the first edition of loadays, and it was good!

Puppet was nicely introduced by Dan Bode. CFEngine was not technical enough, which is imho preferred by the loadays crowd over marketing. The bacula talk was also a bit a mix of marketing and technical content, but ok.

Tom De Cooman did an excellent talk on monitoring tools, good speaker!

On Sunday we had to do without Pieter Colpaert's bash 4.0 introduction (thanks for putting the slides online!). Toshaan introduced us to SELinux with a clear presentation, maybe lacking some examples (since there was time left). Network RPM was interesting, but probably not for me. The last talk I followed was a good overview of the lsc-project by Jonathan Clarke.

Next loadays, if the organizers permit it, I'll do a bash tutorial.