House for sale

My house is for sale.
It is located near Tienen, about 20 minutes from Leuven/Bertem on the E40. It has 110m2 downstairs: living room 8x4, buro 4x4, hall 4x2, stairs, toilet, veranda with kitchencorner 8x7; and 60m2 upstairs (three large bedrooms with straight walls, bathroom with bathtub), and an attic of 60m2 (nothing there yet, but possibility to create three more rooms) and a cellar of 60m2 (five caves). Ah, and a huge garage measuring 20x10m!
According to the immo's Era, Aldimo and Century 21 the house is worth around 255.000 euro. I will sell it for 235.000 if you contact me (0478/222.686) before i sign a contract with any of these agencies.


Linux trainer wanted

Looking for a Linux teacher to teach basic System Administration next week!

If you can teach Linux System Administration (intro philosophy, hardware, install from cdrom, managing disks, boot and init, ps, top, nice, rpm, users, groups, file security, tcp/ip, intro to services like apache/samba) next week in Evere (Brussels), then please contact Birgit or Veronique asap on this phone number 02 745 58 40.



I know, suicide is a very controversial subject. In Belgium suicide is the first cause of death for people between 24 and 35 years young. Every year more than a hundred Belgians jump in front of a train to end their life.

Why do they do it ? Because they want to end their suffering ? Because their life is more suffering than joy ? But why jump in front of a train, traumatizing the driver and blocking public transportation ? Is there no easier solution ?

I guess killing oneself is not so easy. People in general don't like pain. So they search for a painless death. This makes me wonder whether Drion's Pill is a viable solution.

Drion's Pill would allow people to end their life in a painless way. It would prevent people from jumping of buildings, jumping in front of trains or hanging themselves for some traumatized person to find them.

So why does this pill not exist ? Why is it not available ? Because people that want to die need to be cured ? This is indeed the general conception among the living...people that want to commit suicide are sick and need help. Well i have to disagree there...if they want to die, let them, and give them a normal and clean solution to end their life.

...i told you it was a controversial subject.


Driving a car (Ka or Kia)

Driving a car in Belgian traffic equals taking a risk. Thousands of people die in traffic, tens of thousands get hurt badly.

When i was driving my little purple Ford Ka the past two years, i was getting really afraid. Other cars were always trying to pass me, anywhere, sometimes doing dangerous maneuvers. A couple of times, a big Mercedes or BMW takes a highway exit only centimeters before my bumper...i guess the little purple car acts like a magnet on big cars...they *have* to take any exit *before* the little purple car (even though it would be a lot easier to just stay behind).
Another example are roundabouts, very often big cars would enter the roundabout right before the little purple car, so i had to break to avoid an accident.

So i changed cars, sold the Ford Ka, and bought a big black Kia Sportage, to feel safer in traffic. But guess what ? Nobody tries to exit a highway centimeters before the Kia. Nobody enters a roundabout so i have to break.

After two months with the Kia Sportage, it is clear to me. This car gets a lot of room on the road. I feel a lot safer in this big car, but i also notice a lot more respect from other cars.