another Microsoft virus...

Selecting an image on Google Image Search regularly minimizes the browser and pops up this annoying dialog.

Running Linux you know this is fake, but it is still annoying because (besides the minimizing of your browser) also opens a tab that refuses the back-button, and you don't get to see the actual image.

The first time this is funny (there is no C: drive nor a "My Documents" directory on "My computer").

Searching Google Images for something simple as "Axis Allies board 1984" and clicking on an image is enough to provoke it.

If you want to see the fun on Linux, use this link. Use at your own risk ;-)


(the url might not work since I reported it )

Click OK on this last dialog to close the tab.


loadays talk

Some people convinced me to do a talk^Wtutorial tomorrow at loadays. It will be about bash!

Maybe I will use some slides from this downloadable pdf (50KB).

Content will come from the linux-training.be project (but that website stalled since February due to a redesign of our build-system). People that go to loadays can download the newest (1MB) pdf here.

LOAD, the Linux system administrator days