tmux is now the first command that I type after logging on to a system. I've become a huge fan of it!

Some shortcuts:
tmux at (to reconnect)
Ctrl-b % split screen right
Ctrl-b " split screen bottom
Ctrl-b o go to next panel
Ctrl-b q select a panel
Ctrl-b d detach


Web design, bad example

Not even an option to remove the big empty box, excellent thinking IT-World!


post xubuntu install

Growing tired of the unconfigurability of the Ubuntu graphical interface, I decided to give xubuntu(*) a try. Until now, nothing but goodness.

- useful packages not installed by default:
apt-get install vim tmux aptitude nfs-common git
- macbook pro stuff:
aptitude install pommed macfanctld nvidia-current nvidia-common

(*) Yes all my other computers run Debian, but I can't get it to boot on this macbook pro 5.1 (kernel panic - unknown block (0,0) )


Things I do not understand...

1. Everybody I have ever met agrees that Belgium needs one uniform nationwide voting ballot during national elections, allowing all Belgians to vote for all political parties, without any kind of regional or cultural restrictions. So why don't we have this yet ?

2. Out of six train rides I took this week, six arrived late. Worst was about 30 minutes late, second worst about 12 minutes late. Why doesn't the train company create a real train schedule ? Why is management not fired for this ?

3. Most working people have to get to work about 240 days per year. There are 365 days in a year and yet the majority of workers insist on commuting on the exact same time and the exact same days (Monday to Friday), thus creating huge traffic jams. Why not ditch this legacy Middle Aged system of weekdays land use all 365 days of the year in a sensible way ?

4. Why the hell are we changing the time twice a year ? It has been proven multiple times that "daylight savings" is wasting energy!