Bluetooth and NXT setup

A reminder for myself on how to configure bluetooth for NXT devices.

Turn on all devices and activate bluetooth on the Linux, then:
$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:16:53:08:XX:XX Julie
00:16:53:0B:XX:XX Mercedes

Then configure /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf like this:
$ cat /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
rfcomm0 {
bind yes;
device 00:16:53:0B:XX:XX;
channel 1;
comment "Mercedes";

rfcomm1 {
bind yes;
device 00:16:53:08:XX:XX;
channel 1;
comment "Julie";

Then check the binding (as root):
# rfcomm release all && rfcomm bind all && rfcomm
rfcomm0: 00:16:53:0B:XX:XX channel 1 clean
rfcomm1: 00:16:53:08:XX:XX channel 2 clean

Then create an nxt.dat file in ~ :
$ cat /home/paul/nxt.dat

Then compile and download to the NXT:
nbc foo.nbc -O=bar.rxe
nbc -b -d -S=BTH::Julie bar.rxe


post-ubuntu install

Packages installed after default ubuntu install (personal bookmark).
root@mac:~# history | grep 'aptitude install'
11 aptitude install nvidia-settings nvidia-bl-dkms \
pommed vim nfs-common wicd
45 aptitude install azureus wesnoth chromium-browser
104 aptitude install virtualbox-4.0
139 aptitude install wireshark wireshark-gnome
152 aptitude install gimp
173 aptitude install openssh-server
180 aptitude install pdfedit
201 aptitude install ttf-bitstream-vera
206 aptitude install unrar
219 aptitude install imagemagick
220 history | grep 'aptitude install'


World ipv6 day!

8th of June is tomorrow already!
My humble contribution is to teach networking students tonight about ipv6. It will be mostly theory since the school doesn't support ipv6 on the network. Luckily I have some screenshots and wireshark sniffs from this morning of a working ipv6 connection to the internet.

One of the ipv6 test websites.

A tcp handshake and http connection over ipv6 (using 6to4).

And a PTR record in ip6.net with 32 child domains (okay you don't need ipv6 for this, but it is related).