Do no evil...

I know, when a service is free one should not complain when this service ends.

Google had the option to put open source and open standards on the map, but it appears they are moving away from both.

It started a while ago when the Open Document standard was no longer supported in Google Docs but Microsoft's coup d'├ętat on ISO remains supported.

It got worse this week:
- Google Reader is canceled (over 112.000 votes in this petition to keep it)
- ad-blocker is thrown out of the android market
- rss reader plugin is removed from Chrome
- jabber invites from third party clients are refused (or is this some spam prevention thing?)

Google is not evil yet... they give us a descent export option in Google Reader and several months to migrate to another feedreader. But I will use this time to think about alternatives for all free Google services.

I hear Samsung is moving to Tizen for their all smartphones and tablets ... are they the Good Guys now ?