dessert blogbecue

Een van de dessertjes morgen op de blogbecue. Volgens Annik heet dit een "Javanais à la Polonaise van de Noordpaul".



Yes we do!
And I 'm not talking about IT or gadget-of-the-week people! I'm talking about everyone who stands for Free/Libre software. We carry the very important message of Freedom. Freedom of choice in software, Freedom of source code, Freedom of information, and more. We might even be at a worldwide revolution of Freedom in all aspects of human life, Freedom for all people on this planet.

You keep going girl, because the message you carry is the message of Freedom!


Plant a tree for me [add $2]

Check out the Dell website that let's you customize a laptop. One of the optional features of the laptop is called "Plant a tree for me [add $2]". Dell can improve this feature letting you choose how many trees you want planted!


Samba 4 now works with GPO's

One of my students this week asked about using a Samba 4 Active Directory domain with GPO's to manage the Windows XP clients. Samba 4 alpha 6 impressed me! The download comes with a small howto.txt to setup your kerberos realm and to integrate the SRV records in DNS (a chrooted bind 9.3.4). Adding users is explained, joining Windows computers works flawlessly.

Last time, Samba 4 was unable to operate Group Policies, now I tested a few, and they work! The screenshot below is no proof, but I get a kick out of it ;-)

In this screenshot, you see a fully patched Windows 2003 server in a Samba 4 domain, in its own OU, together with the user 'brel', having applied the GPO setting "remove Search from Start Menu".

The future is free!


linux usb adsl driver ?

Dear Linux community,

a friend of mine has a USB ADSL modem (Asus AAM6000UG). I'm trying to get this to work so he can access the internet (with Ubuntu 8.10 installed from CD).

The eciadsl-config-text asks me this:
Select your PPP mode (use the DEFAULT one if you don't know what this means):

1) VCM_RFC2364
2) LLC_RFC2364
Does anyone know the correct answer here for "Belgacom Time" with this modem ?

Here's the output i get when running "sudo eciadsl-start"
[EciAdsl 1/5] Setting up USB support...

Preliminary USB device filesystem is OK

[EciAdsl 2/5] Uploading firmware...

can't set interface 0 to use alt setting 1
: Invalid argument
ERROR eciadsl-firmware: failed
eciadsl-firmware: success
firmware loaded successfully

[EciAdsl 3/5] Synchronization...

ERROR can't set interface 0 to use alt setting 4
ERROR eciadsl-synch: failed
ERROR: failed to get synchronization
The complete script is here. Any suggestions ? (I already spent two evenings on this...)



Today was a good day! Good contact with friends and neighbours, good health, nice girlfriend coming here tonight ;-)

December 24th 2008 I was struck with vertigo caused by Neuritis Vestibularis (pdf in Dutch). I felt really really dizzy for about six hours, then the pills started working. I needed the pills every day for about a week. The dizziness is almost gone...but my balance still sucks.

Oh, and those Agyrax pills make you sleep all day AND all night! Scary...

December 30th I was seduced by a very nice and good looking girl.

I bought a blender yesterday!!!! The SEB performa. Good choice!

It seems like I found a real goal. Make a good book... it still needs a lot of work, but it should be "good enough" by the end of 2009.