Scary car software updates

I have a user account (yes really) in a Hyundai Kona electric car.

A while ago there was a software update and now the owner cannot play radio (or any other music) through the car when Bluetooth on her smartphone is active. The car demands that music is played through the smartphone?!

Disabling Bluetooth on the smartphone solves this problem, but then phone calls are not handsfree?! The owner never accepted the new EULA for the update...

Yesterday I drove the car with my user account and was confronted with the new EULA. I decided to read it, but even though my account is in English (and the other account is in Dutch), this EULA was presented in French?!

I declined this EULA (the choice was 'agree' or 'disagree' in English even though the text was in French). The car immediately said "Audio Off". I could not open the "radio" menu on the screen, and also could not access the "media" menu to play the songs that I had been playing in that car from a USB stick since this summer?!

I find this very scary. 

Luckily I don't "own" a car. But can it even be considered "owning" if features can be disabled by the manufacturer?!

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