HifiBerry AMP2

Setup of a HifiBerry AMP2...on a Rapsberry Pi 2.

First attempt was with Volumio, as advised by a friend. Well that works, but I personally find the interface a horror, and I seem to lose control of the Pi since Volumio is a full OS that seems only accessible by web interface. No thanks.

Using Raspberry Pi OS:

- download Raspberry Pi OS lite (command line is fine)

- extract the image

- dd the image to the sd-card

dd if=/home/paul/2022-04-04-raspios-bullseye-armhf-lite.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

- mount it to enable ssh

touch /boot/ssh

- I also had to set a password for the pi user, since 'raspberry' was not accepted?

- Boot the Pi (the HifiBerry is still attached)

- ssh into the Pi 

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install vim
vi /boot/config.txt

# added by paul 2022-07-29 for HifiBerry AMP2

Comment out the first two lines, add the last two. Check here for other HifiBerries.

Now, before using mplayer or something, LOWER THE VOLUME! Use a really low value, and gradually go up while playing music since the default is extremely loud.

amixer -c 0 sset Digital "20%"

Thanks for listening :)

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